What We Do

We are an independent research consultancy that plans, manages, fields and reports both Qualitative and Quantitative research projects, leveraging both traditional and contemporary research tools and methodologies that are best suited to the needs of the client, project, brief and budget.

We focus on marketing research and insight mining, strategic planning, and finding innovation opportunities, all driven by natural curiosity and a deep desire to understand what drives behaviour, in order to create opportunities for growth and engagement.

Our specialty is leveraging online platforms and the consumer's natural environment to execute insightful research, using tools like online Qualitative Discussion Boards, Online survey platforms, Consumer Safaris, and Social Media Listening.

Through our flat lean structure, both traditional and less traditional approaches to research and our broad research toolkit, Insight & Innovation CMI can deliver effective insights and strategic recommendations in a extremely cost, and time efficient manner.

  • Online Qualitative Research
  • Social Media Listening
  • Consumer Safari
  • Multi-method Qualitative Research
  • Mobile Offline Interviews
  • Customer Voice Insights
  • Innovative Online Quantitative Research
  • Multi-stakeholder Engagement
  • Multi-method Qual-Quant Research
  • Independent interviews
  • Marketing Mix Modelling

Custom Research Designs

We create the research design to suit the project, not the other way around. We do not own or push one specific methodology, so we can be more objective in recommending what best suits our client project needs and budgets.

Efficient & Effective

Our business model harnesses senior talent and a broad research toolkit, leveraging new tools when possible, which enables us to offer competitive rates and provide key learning and insights on tight timelines

Stakeholder Engagement

We have successful experience with large multi-stakeholder research projects and public engagement across a variety of topics, leveraging both internal (members, customers, professionals) and external (key influencers, Gen Pop) Stakeholders

Strategic Approach

Our foundations in marketing, innovation consulting, and strategic planning bring a thoughtful and creative point of view to our clients’ needs and business challenges, and our research approaches and strategic recommendations.

Hybrid Methodologies

We work in both qualitative and quantitative research, and many projects involve both elements (multi-method or hybrid research designs) so we can dig deep into both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.


We partner with best in class organizations in areas like Strategic Communications, Creative and Digital, Marketing Mix Modelling and bring together the best virtual team of senior level professionals to suit the clients business challenge and specific needs


We can help

If you are looking for a richer understanding of your customer or member needs, or would like opportunities to better engage and grow your organization, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss ideas suited to your unique needs.

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